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aSc Timetables v1.2.2 is a comprehensive software solution designed to help educational institutions create, manage, and optimize their timetables. It is widely used by schools, colleges, and universities to efficiently schedule classes, teachers, rooms, and resources. Here are the key features and functionalities of aSc Timetables:

Key Features of aSc Timetables:

  1. Automated Timetable Generation: aSc Timetables uses advanced algorithms to automatically generate optimized timetables based on input parameters such as class schedules, teacher availability, room capacities, and subject requirements. This helps save time and effort compared to manual timetable creation.
  2. Flexible Scheduling Options: The software offers flexible scheduling options, allowing users to define custom constraints, preferences, and rules for scheduling classes, teachers, and resources. Users can specify preferences for time slots, room assignments, and teacher allocations to create timetables that meet their specific needs.
  3. Resource Management: aSc Timetables includes tools for managing resources such as classrooms, laboratories, equipment, and staff. Users can assign resources to specific classes or activities, track availability, and avoid conflicts or double bookings.
  4. Multi-User Collaboration: The software supports multi-user collaboration, enabling multiple users to work on the timetable simultaneously. Users can share data, collaborate on scheduling tasks, and communicate changes or updates in real-time.
  5. Integration with School Management Systems: aSc Timetables integrates with school management systems (SMS) and other educational software solutions to streamline data exchange and ensure consistency between timetables and other school-related information.
  6. Customizable Templates and Reports: Users can customize timetable templates and reports to match their school’s branding and requirements. The software offers a variety of pre-designed templates and report formats, as well as options for customizing layouts, colors, and styles.
  7. Conflict Resolution: aSc Timetables includes built-in conflict resolution tools to identify and resolve scheduling conflicts, such as overlapping classes, teacher conflicts, or resource constraints. Users can review and address conflicts manually or let the software automatically resolve them.
  8. Export and Sharing Options: The software allows users to export timetables in various formats, including PDF, Excel, HTML, and XML. Timetables can be easily shared with stakeholders, including teachers, students, administrators, and parents.


aSc Timetables is a versatile and user-friendly software solution for creating, managing, and optimizing school timetables. Its automated scheduling capabilities, flexible options, resource management tools, collaboration features, and integration capabilities make it an invaluable tool for educational institutions seeking to streamline their scheduling processes and improve efficiency. Whether you’re a small school or a large university, aSc Timetables provides the tools and functionality you need to create optimized timetables that meet your school’s unique requirements.

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