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Automatic Call Recorder PRO v1.2.2 is a premium Android application designed to automatically record phone calls on your mobile device. It offers advanced features and functionalities compared to standard call recording apps, allowing users to effortlessly capture and manage their phone conversations. Below are the key features, functions, and system requirements of Automatic Call Recorder PRO:

Key Features of Automatic Call Recorder PRO:

  1. Automatic Call Recording: The app automatically records incoming and outgoing calls on your Android device without the need for manual intervention. Users can enable or disable call recording for specific contacts or phone numbers.
  2. High-Quality Recording: Automatic Call Recorder PRO ensures high-quality audio recording, capturing both sides of the conversation with clear sound and minimal distortion. Users can adjust recording settings to optimize audio quality and file size.
  3. Organized Call Logs: Recorded calls are neatly organized in the app’s call log, making it easy for users to browse, search, and manage their recorded conversations. The app provides options to sort and filter call logs based on various criteria, such as date, duration, and contact name.
  4. Cloud Backup: Automatic Call Recorder PRO offers cloud backup options, allowing users to securely store their recorded calls in cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. This ensures that recorded calls are safely backed up and accessible from any device.
  5. Privacy Protection: The app includes privacy features to safeguard recorded calls and sensitive information. Users can password-protect their call recordings to prevent unauthorized access and ensure confidentiality.
  6. Recording Management: Users can easily manage their recorded calls within the app, with options to playback, share, delete, or archive recordings as needed. The app also provides tools for organizing recordings into custom folders and categories.
  7. Advanced Settings: Automatic Call Recorder PRO offers advanced settings and customization options to tailor the recording experience to individual preferences. Users can adjust recording parameters such as audio source, recording format, and recording duration.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Android 4.1 and up
  • Storage: Varies with device
  • Permissions: The app requires permissions to access the device’s microphone, storage, and phone calls for recording purposes.


Automatic Call Recorder PRO is a feature-rich call recording app for Android devices, offering automatic call recording, high-quality audio recording, organized call logs, cloud backup, privacy protection, recording management, and advanced settings. Whether you need to record phone calls for personal or professional reasons, this app provides a convenient and reliable solution for capturing and managing your conversations on the go.

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