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Resolume Arena v2.1.1 is a powerful software solution for live video performances and video mapping. It’s widely used by VJs (Visual Jockeys), artists, and professionals in the field of live visual performances, concerts, festivals, and events. Here’s an overview of Resolume Arena’s key features and functionalities:

Key Features of Resolume Arena:

  1. Real-time Video Mixing: Resolume Arena allows users to mix and manipulate multiple video clips in real-time, enabling seamless transitions and effects during live performances.
  2. Video Effects and Transitions: The software offers a wide range of built-in video effects, transitions, and visual filters that users can apply to their video clips to create stunning visuals and immersive experiences.
  3. Projection Mapping: Resolume Arena supports projection mapping, allowing users to project video content onto physical surfaces, such as buildings, stages, and objects, and manipulate the video mapping to create dynamic visual displays.
  4. Audio Visual Synchronization: Users can synchronize their video content with audio tracks and music, creating synchronized audio-visual performances that enhance the overall experience for audiences.
  5. Layer-based Composition: Resolume Arena uses a layer-based composition system, where users can stack multiple video layers, apply effects and transformations to each layer independently, and control their visibility and opacity.
  6. MIDI and OSC Control: The software supports MIDI and OSC (Open Sound Control) protocols, allowing users to control various parameters and functions of Resolume Arena using external MIDI controllers, keyboards, or software.
  7. Integration with External Hardware: Resolume Arena can be integrated with external hardware devices, such as MIDI controllers, DMX lighting systems, and audio interfaces, to expand its capabilities and control additional elements of live performances.
  8. Content Library and Playback: Users can build and organize a library of video clips, images, and visual content within Resolume Arena, making it easy to access and play back content during live performances.

System Requirements:

Resolume Arena is available for both Windows and macOS platforms. The system requirements may vary depending on the version and updates. It’s recommended to check the official Resolume website for the most up-to-date system requirements.


Resolume Arena is a versatile and powerful software tool for live video performances, video mapping, and audio-visual synchronization. Its intuitive interface, extensive feature set, and support for external hardware make it a popular choice among VJs, artists, and professionals in the live entertainment industry. Whether you’re creating immersive visual experiences for concerts, festivals, or events, Resolume Arena provides the tools and capabilities you need to bring your vision to life.

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